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Last Updated by Program: 03/02/2007
Address:   Department of Physical Therapy
College of Health Science & Human Service
Health Science Campus, Mail Stop #1027
The University of Toledo
3000 Arlington Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614-2598
Phone:   (419)383-3518
Fax:   (419)383-5880
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Clayton F Holmes, PT, EdD
Associate Professor and Chair
  Accreditor:   Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  Carnegie Classification:   Research Universities (high research activity)
  Date of Initial Accreditation:   Bachelor's degree, March 1983 (no longer offered) Master's Degree, May 2000 (no longer admitting students) DPT Degree, August 2005
  Current Accreditation Status:   Accreditation
  Next Visit   2013
  Five Year History:   Accreditation
DEGREE CONFERRED: Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with concentration in Physical Therapy (MSBS/PT); Doctor of Physical Therapy
The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is housed in the College of Health Science and Human Service, currently located on the Health Science Campus of the University of Toledo. The DPT curriculum is an evidence-based approach with a total of 92 credit hours and length of 32 months.
The clinical education component is composed of 36 weeks of clinical experience. In Year I, Clinical Practicum I and II occur for two weeks each for a total of 4 weeks in year one. In Year II, Clinical Practicum III and Internships I and II are three 8-week clinical experiences. The Specialty Internships is an 8-week clinical experience to provide students with a unique opportunity to further explore multiple roles of a physical therapist; areas of clinical specialty include pediatrics, sports medicine, critical care, and geriatrics. Other clinical experiences are in administration, research, academic, and governance.
There are six full-time and three part-time faculty members. One hundred percent of the full-time faculty hold postprofessional doctoral degrees, and three are engaged in clinical practice. Over the past 3 years, the faculty has averaged 1.5 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
The DPT program accepts 26 students of a pool of applicants which varies from year-to-year. Enrollment agreements exist between Bowling Green State University for 10 slots and the University of Toledo for 10 slots; the remaining 6 slots may come from applicants nationwide. General selection requirements include a bachelor’s degree, Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater as calculated by the degree-granting institution, knowledge of the field of Physical Therapy, and the shadowing of a physical therapist is highly recommended. Priority given to Ohio residents and United States residents.
Admission criteria for the DPT program include holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum 3.0 undergraduate grade point average (GPA) calculated by the degree-granting institution. Degrees in progress will be considered. Degrees from foreign institutions must be independently evaluated for equivalence to the U.S. converted GPA. It is the DPT program policy to use the final, cumulative GPA from the degree granting institution. In the case of undergraduate degrees in progress, the most current, cumulative GPA from the prospective degree granting institution is used. It is not the policy of the DPT program to re-calculate GPA’s based on multiple transcripts. We request transcripts from all institutions attended to verify degree granting institution(s). Date of application to the program will also be considered. Admission is competitive.
95% of admitted students graduate from the program (3 year average).
Tuition for the 2006-07 academic year is $12,890 for Ohio residents and $29,385 for non-residents. Summer tution is an additional $2,793 (residents) or $6,354 (non-residents). Additional costs incurred annually for the curriculum-related expenses (e.g., clinical education, books, liability-insurance) total approximately $2,400. The Office of Financial Aid for graduate students is available via Stafford Students Loans and Supplemental Loans for students (governmental) as well as through the University of Toledo itself. Additionally, DPT students may qualify for the college work/study program through which a variety of jobs are offered by UT. If you have questions or need further information about financial aid, please contact: Karen Neill at (419) 383-3444 or if you last name begins with A-L or Bea Pettaway at (419) 383-3631 or bpettaway@meduohio for a last name between M-Z. Tuition Scholarships are partial and available each year to students who demonstrate the greatest potential for realizing the DPT program’s major goals. Additional scholarships awarded are: Willard Hupp Memorial Scholarship, UT Satellites Scholarship, PT Bookstore Award, UT Retirees Scholarship.
The University of Toledo provides a bus shuttle between the Main Campus and the Health Science Campus (HSC). The City of Toledo is served by a mass transit bus system, passenger rail service 5 miles from campus, and an airport 15 miles from campus. There is no housing on the HSC but affordable housing is available within walking distance. Parking is arranged close by adjacent to the instructional space utilized by the DPT Program.