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Last Updated by Program: 12/14/2005
Address:   Division of Physical Therapy
University of Kentucky
Charles T Wethington Building
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Lexington, KY 40536-0200
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Anne L Harrison, PT, PhD
  Accreditor:   Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges
  Carnegie Classification:   Research Universities (very high research activity)
  Date of Initial Accreditation:   Bachelor’s degree, August 1967 (no longer offered); Expansion of bachelor’s program (Hazard, KY), November 1993 (no longer offered) Master’s degree, May 1996 (no longer admitting students); Expansion of master’s program (Hazard, KY), May 1996 (no longe
  Current Accreditation Status:   Accreditation
  Next Visit   2013
  Five Year History:   Accreditation
DEGREE CONFERRED: Doctor of Physical Therapy
The Dual Degree program is 30 months in length and consists of 100 semester hours of professional and graduate course work. Fourteen faculty allow a broad educational experience. The program initiates each January with many of the didactic portions of the curriculum being presented simultaneously to both the parent (Lexington) and expansion (Hazard) campuses. Students average 20-30 hours in class weekly and perform and present, orally and written, a master's project completed in dyads or triads.
Students receive more than 1,052 hours of clinical education experience. First-year students will participate in selected clinical experiences in the fall. Second-year students complete 4 weeks and 6 weeks in the spring and fall. The clinical portion of the program culminates with 16 weeks of internships that include two 8-week rotations; acute, rehabilitation, and/or specialty, in the spring semester of the third year.
There are 15 full-time and 25 part-time faculty members. Of the full-time faculty 50% hold post-professional doctoral degrees, one is certified as a clinical specialist, and six are engaged in clinical practice. Over the past 3 years the faculty has averaged 6.5 publications in peer-reviewed journals. The faculty to student ratio is 1:10.6.
University total enrollment is approximately 23,000 students. There are 48 students in each physical therapy class at the Lexington Campus and 16 students at the Hazard Campus.
The application deadline for admission to the physical therapy program is June 1. Preference is given to in-state students. Students holding a degree are accepted, but a degree is not required for application or admittance. Students admitted to the professional program are selected on a competitive basis. Because of the large number of applicants, only a limited number will be invited for interviews prior to the final selection. The Admissions Committee will consider such factors as overall grade point average (GPA), academic performance in chemistry, biology, and physics (key GPA), and GRE scores. The personal interview explores areas such as experience and knowledge of the profession, evidence of initiative and motivation, evidence of leadership and responsibility, communication skills (verbal and written), demonstrated service orientation, and professional potential. Fifty hours of documented and confirmed physical therapy observation, volunteer or aide experience is required for admission to the professional program consisting of a minimum of 25 hours at each of two separate facilities. Forms to document these experiences will be sent with the application packet. Prior to the application deadline, five of the following six science prerequisite courses must be completed: 2 semesters of each: general chemistry w/labs (equal to that taken by science majors), general physics w/labs (equal to the class taken by science majors); and general biology, animal biology or zoology w/labs (botany, ecology, or entomology are not acceptable). It is strongly recommended that 1 semester of the biology sequence be comparative or human anatomy with lab. Pre-professional requirements which must be completed for the start of the professional curriculum include: 2 semesters of psychology (general and developmental are preferred); 1 semester of statistics (minimum of 3 credits including calculations of central tendency measures of variability, and hypotheses testing); and 1 semester of medical terminology (minimum of 2 credits; 3 credits preferred). A grade of C or better is required in all preprofessional courses. 47% of qualified applicants are admitted to the program (3-year average).
90% of admitted students graduate from the program (3-year average), 93% of the graduates passed the licensing exam on their initial attempt (3-year average and 100% of those program graduates responding to surveys have successfully gained full-time employment (3-year average).
Tuition for the first year of the physical therapy program is $4,966 for residents and $14,096 for nonresidents. Tuition for the second year is $5,539 for residents and $15,828 for nonresidents, and tuition for the third year is $2,671 for residents and $7,625 for nonresidents. Tuition costs are subject to change. For information on financial assistance, contact: Office of Student Financial Assistance, University of Kentucky, Room 127, Funkhouser, Lexington, KY 40506.
For further information about the University of Kentucky and the physical therapy program, contact the Admissions Office, University of Kentucky, Room 100, Funkhouser, Lexington, KY 40506-0054.