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Last Updated by Program: 02/09/2005


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Leslie Taylor, PT, PhD

Division Head, Associate Professor



  Accreditor:   Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges

  Carnegie Classification:   Research Universities (high research activity)



  Date of Initial Accreditation:   Bachelor’s degree, April 1972 (no longer offered) Master’s degree, May 1998 (no longer admitting students); DPT degree, July 2004

  Current Accreditation Status:   Accreditation

  Next Visit   2012

  Five Year History:   Accreditation



Doctor of Physical Therapy



The Department of Physical Therapy at GeorgiaStateUniversity offers an entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) degree beginning fall semester 2005. The entry-level curriculum is a full-time program covering nine semesters and 137 credit hours. The program is designed as an integrated, case-based curriculum. The program will develop a practitioner who is competent, flexible, a problem-solver, and a life-long learner; one who can integrate science and clinical arts and who is able to adapt to the changes in practice anticipated in this millennium. Graduates of this accredited program will be eligible to sit for the national licensure exam.



The Department of Physical Therapy is affiliated with more than 50 hospitals, clinics and private practices in the metropolitan area. In addition, student internships may be completed at more than 250 clinical facilities nationally and internationally. Students should plan to include travel and living expenses associated with the clinical internships into their budgets. Students will participate in four internships one to twelve weeks in length: one at the end of the first semester; one at the end of the first year, one at the end of the second year, and the final 12-week internship in the summer of the third year prior to graduation.



There are ten full-time and five part-time faculty members. Of the full-time faculty, 80% hold post-professional doctoral degrees and two are engaged in clinical practice. Over the past 3 years the faculty has averaged eight publications in peer-reviewed journals. The faculty to student enrollment is 1:12.



The total enrollment for GeorgiaStateUniversity is 30,861 students (58% female, 42% male). Forty students are accepted into each class from an applicant pool of 175.



The Department of Physical Therapy endeavors to attract and admit a diverse population of students to create a truly heterogeneous environment. Candidates are accepted from a variety of schools and represent diverse life experiences, leadership histories and such personal characteristics as race, gender and age. The DPT curriculum at GeorgiaStateUniversity demands rigorous scholarly effort. We welcome students with different strengths and backgrounds to the program. To gain admission, students must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. The baccalaureate degree must be completed prior to matriculation into the DPT program and should be in the student’s area of interest. Selection to the DPT program is competitive and based on a number of factors: grade point average (GPA), math/science GPA, Graduate Record Examination scores, grade trend, ability to handle a full academic load, hours completed, prerequisites completed, general knowledge of physical therapy, work experience with people who have health problems, demonstrated interpersonal capability, extracurricular and leadership activities, maturity, and the ability to express oneself adequately in written and verbal communication. Prerequisites include 2 courses in physics, 2 courses in chemistry, 2 courses in anatomy and physiology, 2 courses in English composition and rhetoric, 1 course in psychology, 1 course in statistics, 1 course in biology. In addition, the successful student has gained computer experience through life, formal classroom courses and experiential learning. The student has utilized the computer for word-processing, e-mail, internet and database capabilities. A minimum of 80 hours of paid or volunteer experience in two different physical therapy practice settings. The 80 hours may be divided in any manner (20/60, 50/30, 40/40 etc.). A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 and a minimum math/science GPA of 2.75. It is easy to bee misled by minimums. Acceptance into the program is competitive and the class average is usually around 3.5. This means, of course, there were GPAs both above and below 3.5. Math/science courses and non-science courses are separated out and part of the ranking of an individual depends on courses in those areas. Fifty-one percent of qualified applicants are admitted to the program (3-year average).



89% of admitted students graduate from the program (3-year average).



Tuition for the 2004-2005 academic year: in-state tuition (Georgia resident) is $169.00 per semester hour for graduate students; in-state tuition (Georgia resident) is $2,022.000 for graduate students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours; out-of-state tuition is $674.00 per semester hour for graduate students; and out-of-state tuition is $8,085.00 for graduate students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours. There is a mandatory student fee of $393.00 per semester. For questions related to residency status, call 404/651-2365. For Financial Aid information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 404/651-2227.



GeorgiaStateUniversity is the embodiment of the idea that a great university is accessible, responsive and relevant. Accessibility means central location and low cost. GeorgiaStateUniversity, one of the southeast’s largest urban universities, is situated in the heart of Atlanta’s business, government, cultural, and retail center. Atlanta is the center of medicine, health services and research for Georgia and much of the southeast. Cultural, recreational, and social opportunities are abundant in the Atlanta area. GeorgiaStateUniversity is committed to the ideal that total education involves more than academic pursuit. Students are encouraged to get involved with student activities and organizations that provide opportunities for personal growth. An application for admission may be obtained at (Under ‘Colleges & School's select CHHS; Under 'Schools & Depts' select Physical Therapy; Click on 'Prospective Student’; Click on Graduate Application; then click on ‘Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Application’).