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1. I am foreign trained and graduated physical therapist, what would I do to become licensed physical therapist in USA?
Answer: First you need to choose the state in which you want to become licensed physical therapist. Every state has different requirementand different evaluation agency. You need to contact state physical therapist board in order to find out their approved evaluation agency.After that fill out the application for credential evaluation to respective approved evaluation agency. Credential evaluation is nothing but comparing education of your country to the accredited USA physical therapist program of that particular state or education requirement decided by particular state board.
Once you have equivalent credits (general and professional) to particular state's physical therapist program, evaluation agency will give you eligibility to give license exam.
2. How long will it take for credit evaluation?
Answer: It might take 15 days to Four months or more depending upon complexity of credit evaluation.

3. Do I need to submit documents by myself?
Answer: Evaluation agency asked to submit documents directly from your college or university (like transcript). You need to contact your college or university and ask them to send the documents to address given by evaluation agency. Some documents are needed to submit by candidate like passport copy (all documents are needed to be notarized).

4. Do they include time needed to send documents in total time?
Answer: Evaluation agency will not start evaluation till they get all the required documents and fees for evaluation report. So it is better to start procedure very well in advance. It is very bureaucratic procedure.
5. Do I need to send documents again in order to do evaluation for another state?
Answer: You do not need to send your documents again to evaluation agency. They will keep your file for upto certain time period (like 2-3 years, depends on the evaluation agency. Better to contact evaluation agency about their policy). You will apply with your file number to evaluation agency and asking them to do your evaluation for other state. They will send you and state physical therapist board the evaluation report.

6. Can I endorse my license to another state?
Answer: You can always endorse license from one state to another state. But you have to meet all the requirements of the desired state in order to endorse and start practicing as license physical therapist.

7. Is traineeships/internship required to become licensed physical therapist?
Answer: Traineeships/Internship requirements are different state by state. You need to contact state physical therapist board in order to know about their requirement. If you have already practiced as licensed physical therapist in the USA, then most of the state will give you waiver in the traineeships/internship. States have different time duration for their traineeships/internship.

8. How state physical therapist board works?
Answer: State physical therapist board works through their monthly or bimonthly meeting. They would check received physical therapist license application during those meeting. State board normally puts their meeting schedule on their website. Please check our licensing authorities page in order to find out their webpage. Please send your application package well in advance (atleast one week) in order to get consider for particular meeting.

9. Is TOEFL required to become licensed physical therapist?
Answer: It is again depends on state physical therapist board requirement. Please check state physical therapist board website in order to find about their rules.

10. What are the general requirements and professional requirements?
Answer: As the name suggests, general requirements are the generally required subjects/courses e.g. chemistry, physical, biology,mathematics, physiology, English,.......Professional requirements are subjects/courses related to physical therapy.

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11. What is the best way to complete required credits?
Answer: The best way to complete required credits is by joining a college/university or by taking online courses like CLEP (College Level Examination Program) which is approved by evaluation agency.

12. What is CLEP?
Answer: The College-Level Examination Program® or CLEP provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. There are 2,900 colleges that grant credit and/or advanced standing for CLEP exams.

Save time - Get college credit for what you already know. Be rewarded for what you've learned through independent study, advanced high school courses, noncredit adult courses, or professional development.
Save money - Compare the cost of a CLEP exam, just $65 (plus institutional fee where you will give your online examination), to hundreds — even thousands — of dollars in tuition. CLEP exams are free to military service members.

13. What are the cons of CLEP examination?
Answer: CLEP program is developed on the premise that you've already mastered the content of the course. It is great for students who are dual-degree candidates or students just a few credits shy of graduation or professional license requirements. It is based on assumption that student already know the subject matters. CLEP examinations have broad contents to study and their papers are based on wide varieties of the subject matter. It requires more effort in order to clear the examination with passing scores. Please see the subject contents of particular course, that will give you the idea of examination format.

14. Why community colleges are good idea for general credits requirements?
Answer: It is easier to get admission in community college compare to regular public/private college/university. They have quarter system, which means you can complete the course within 2 and half months compare to semester system, which normally takes around 4-5 months. Their tuition fees are considerable compare to other colleges/universities. Normally, they are considered as easier study program compare to colleges/universities. They have to be accredited by their regional colleges/universities organization. Contact your evaluation agency about required accreditation for colleges/universities.

15. Do GRE and TOEFL (international students) are required for admission in community colleges?
Answer: It is depends on college policy. Some community college requires TOEFL (very few to none requires GRE). Some requires a entrance examination. Based on your performance in the entrance examination, community college will give you permission to take the courses. If your performance is poor, then they might ask you to take some prerequisites courses.

16. What kind of admission would that be in the college?
Answer: You are required to get admission just to finish your credits. So it would be non degree admission also sometimes called general studies program.

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