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Last Updated by Program: 04/04/2007
Address:   Department of Physical Therapy
Concordia University Wisconsin
12800 North Lake Shore Drive
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Louise A Mollinger-Riemann, PT, MS
Interim Co-Director
  Accreditor:   Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  Carnegie Classification:   Master's Colleges and Universities (larger programs)
  Date of Initial Accreditation:   Master's degree, April 1997 (no longer offered) DPT degree, July 2002
  Current Accreditation Status:   Accreditation
  Next Visit   2011
  Five Year History:   Accreditation
DEGREE CONFERRED: Doctor of Physical Therapy
The entry-level DPT program at CUW is a full-time three year program.
All students participate in a total of 34 weeks of full-time clinical experience, starting with a 3-week experience after the first semester in the professional program. During the summer after year one, a 5-week course in clinical decision making includes faculty-supervised patient care in a pro-bono clinic and in the community. In the second year, patient care opportunities are integrated throughout the curriculum in the form of patient labs and pro-bono clinic experiences as well as a 3-week and a 10-week full-time clinical. The last semester of the third year consists of 18 weeks of full-time placement in varied clinical settings, usually as two 9-week experiences. The University has over 250 clinical sites in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. Students also have the opportunity to apply for a year-long, paid internship as their final experience.
There are 8 full-time faculty. Five of the core faculty hold doctoral degrees. Six part-time faculty supplement the core faculty in teaching and lab assisting. The majority of the faculty engage in clinical practice. Faculty produce publications in peer-reviewed journals and present at national, state and local conferences. The faculty to student ratio in labs is 1:12.
The University has a total enrollment of more than 5,000 students. The entry-level physical therapy program has three classes and accepts 24 students each year.
Before application to the program all students must have the following science course work completed or in progress: chemistry (w/labs) 8 cr., biology (w/labs) 8 cr., physics (w/labs but does not have to be calculus-based physics) 8 cr., and advanced human physiology 4-5 cr. Additional required pre-physical therapy course work includes 6 credits in psychology, and 3 credits in statistics. The minimum grade requirements include a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and a minimum science GPA of 3.0. Students not meeting the GPA requirements may be admitted as a special student on a provisional basis. Graduate Record Examination scores are not required. Applicants are required to have work or volunteer experiences that provide them with direct contact with individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. No set amount of time is required. All students must have a confirmed BS/BA degree prior to entering the DPT program. Concordia University Wisconsin offers eleven undergraduate majors that coordinate with the graduate program in physical therapy, including athletic training, Spanish, math, biology, theology, nursing, music, history, communication, sports medicine, and psychology. Students who already have an undergraduate degree need only complete the science, psychology and statistics prerequisites. The Registrar’s office decides which transfer credits will be accepted by CUW. Students from abroad must have their transcripts evaluated by a recognized credentialing service in the United States. Students who do not possess a bachelor’s degree from a post-secondary institution where English is the principal language must demonstrate competence in English by scoring a minimum of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 213 on computer-based version.
In the last three years, 98% of the graduates passed the licensure exam, all graduates responding to the graduate surveys are employed, and 82% of admitted students graduated from the program.
A three-year flat rate tuition of $21,400 per year has been set for all DPT students entering Fall 2007. This means students who enter the program and complete it as planned in three years will pay $64,200. There are no activity, lab, professional liability or parking fees. As graduate students, students qualify for financial aid in the form of federal subsidized loans and scholarships from CUW. Concordia University Wisconsin is a Federal Direct lending school participating in the Wm D. Stafford Federal Loan Program offering both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Alternative loan programs such as Wells Fargo MedCAP-XTRA are also available to students. For more information contact the Financial Aid Office at 262/243-4569 or the Admissions Office at 262/243- 4248.
The CUW campus is situated on 155 acres on the shore of Lake Michigan just 15 minutes from downtown Milwaukee, the largest commercial center in Wisconsin. This thriving metropolitan area gives students many opportunities for visits to local hospitals and clinics, inservices, state and local conferences and guest speakers. The graduate program in physical therapy at CUW began in 1994. A new building was added for physical and occupational therapy. Students have access to five labs that have a wide variety of new equipment, including a gross anatomy cadaver laboratory. A full range of services is available to graduate students including tutoring, health services, counseling, sports, fitness, drama, music, religious life, clinicals abroad, , and cultural activities. A fitness center has recently been added to the campus. Parking at CUW is convenient and free to students. Information regarding housing can be obtained from the Resident Life Office by calling 262/243-4328.